Educational Toys

3D Puzzle

There are different kinds of puzzles. 

They are made with PVC, PP, EPS...

Some of them are movable, some of them for role play and some of them for display. You may choose the one that you like. They are good for parents and children you can build the puzzle and the relations. Fun and good to play with.

Blocks & Craft

There are few sets of small blocks to form a big robot. There are few animal blocks can form a vehicle. Try your imagination and creativity to make your own design.

There are big block with stickers for younger kids. It helps them for the training of there eyes and hands cooperation. Good for younger ones and elder ones.

We also have some craft making kits for children to create their own accessories and stuffed toys.

Group Games

There are games for the balance training, brainstorming, exciting, amusing and fun. They are good for the party room, game room, sharing with friends, camping games.