Summer Fun

Water Gun

Let's have fun and have a cool summer with your friends. There are different shapes, style and size water gun for children. They are tested with certificates. Save for children to play.

Air Press Water Gun

Have a great fun with BIG and EXCITING Water shooter in Summer. They are colourful. They are suitable for adult, teenage and children to play at the beach and outdoor.

Swimming Goggles & Snorkelling Set

They are different kinds of goggles for adult, teenage and children. There are snorkelling set with tube and anti fog glasses. There are cute animals goggles for kids. Have a wonderful summer.

Beach Toys

Let’s have fun at the beach. We have plenty of beach toys with best bargain price for children to play with. They are made with nontoxic materials. Save to play with. Have fun in Summer.

Outdoor Sports

There are different outdoor sport games. They are hula hoop, skipping rope, football goals, basketball set, golf set, tennis set, table tennis set, PU balls and diving games.... You should find something suitable for you.

Bubble Fun

There are different bottles and cute packaging bubble water for kids to play in the garden and parks. We provide unbreakable bubbles, gloves can touch bubbles without breaking them. They are tested and nontoxic. Save for kids.